Identify Dependencies

Identify Dependencies

Understand the up-and-downstream impacts of a business disruption
Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

A single point of truth for your Business Impact Analysis data


Manage data for multiple business units across multiple locations
Easy & Simple

Easy & Simple

Follow a logical process to establish a detailed business impact analysis

About ReadyBC

Our goal is to ensure your Business Continuity management is simple and streamlined.

It’s your business. They’re your processes. Scalable to the size and complexity of your organisation, whilst remaining simple and logical.

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Built from the BIA

Unlike other Business Continuity Management tools, the power of ReadyBC is that it is built from your BIAs, the foundation of any Business Continuity program.

Map Dependencies

See a visual representation of the network of dependency relationships across your business to understand what up and downstream impacts a disruption could have. ReadyBC can also ‘backwards’ map dependencies into your BIA data, based on relationships created with this feature.

Simple data entry

Follow a simple process to enter your BIA data, record supplier Business Continuity assurance, and generate a real-time list of resources required across the organisation

Push notifications and updates

ReadyBC will push out notifications based on current real-time disruptions or threats, as well as updates to relevant legislation to your organisation.

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